How come if you have four boys, helpful friends (or weird strangers you stand next to in the supermarket checkout queue) suggest “A couple more and you’ll have a football team!”? Are these people mathematically challenged? That would be seven more boys – not two! (And, common sense tells me that nine more boys would result in a stronger squad; any decent football team would need a couple of substitutes given the likelihood of injuries, boy-flu and vomiting bugs – believe me, we have our fair share of those setbacks even with our mini-squad of four.)

But I have NEVER heard anyone suggest to a mum of four girls, “A few more and you’ll have a netball team!”. And that really wouldn’t require much effort on that (lazy-ass) mum’s part. Surely she can squeeze out three more girls for the mild amusement of those helpful friends (or weird strangers)?

I long ago discounted the football team idea. Can you imagine the laundry? And besides, I’ve seen how my first three play football. We’d only ever make it to the local leagues and there’s no money in that. (My fourth, however, at the ripe old age of 18 months, has a great left foot on him – now, if I could just clone him…)

So, being a smart lady, I have decided to steer my boys in the direction of fame and fortune from an early age. You are reading here about the NEXT BIG THING! Move over One Direction! (Or Take That! if you are from my century.) I am going to mould these young men into the world’s most popular boy band. And I will be their Momager. (Only I’m British, so I’ll be a Mumager – which sounds even more stupid.)

One small point – my boys have inherited their father’s inability to hit a true note.

But on the plus side, they ARE good-looking.

And there’s always Autotune.

12 thoughts on “FOUR BOYS? KER-CHING!!!

  1. Brilliant! And so true about strangers making comments on your life!
    I’m a mum of two boys and I’m always being told I “should have a girl”!

  2. We stopped at three boys – all grown up now, but at their ripe old ages of 27, 26 and 24 so many of their childhood traits and characteristics did not disappear. No 1 was brilliant at Maths and is now in investment banking. Our middle one, when he was 7, said: when I grow up I want to be a TV Chef or a doctor – he became a doctor! Our youngest looked like a body builder when he was 5 years old, and is all muscle now! So it sounds like you have a successful Boy Band in the making!! I love reading all about your gorgeous little ones, whom I feel I know, but do not yet – but Kelly and Carol keep me updated from time to time and I am happy to be your friend on FB. BTW I first met Michael when he was 2 years old so I can see where all those cute and cheeky little traits come from!! 🙂

    • So, you don’t think a boy band is the only career option available, Killy??? Your ‘boys’ (I’m sure you still think of them as boys and not men!) are very handsome. I can’t believe my own little ones will one day be hulking creatures too… Thanks for reading my blog and hope you get to meet my boy band in real life sometime soon.

  3. If it’s any consolation, as a mum of one boy, I’m constantly told that I NEED to give him a brother or sister, and that it’s basically child abuse if I don’t.

    Nice to know that the weirdos are there with their lovely opinions, regardless of how many kids you have!

    • Hi Accidental Tai Tai
      Great name! I’m going to check out your blog when I get a minute or three.
      I feel for you about the unwanted opinions – some people really lack a filter.
      And besides, your one boy could have a great career as a solo artist – no backing singers required!

  4. Comments from strangers is a never-ending source of frustration : I always get comments on how rowdy my 3 boys must be, and how we NEED a large garden to get them to play around, how difficult this must be for me. Those comments are usually followed by a smug / preoccupied look from a mother of at-least-1-girl.
    Somehow I get the impression my children, being boys, are compared with wild animals. I’m not saying it is completely false, but I suspect girls are the same …

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