FAMILY RULES (or so they say)

I’ve recently seen wall canvases showcasing “Family Rules”. All very worthy and admirable. “Use kind words. Take turns. Say sorry if you’re wrong…”

So, in the spirit of togetherness and family bonding (and contract law), I’ve created some for the Boy Band:


What are your own family rules? What works for you?

17 thoughts on “FAMILY RULES (or so they say)

  1. I so agree with the peeing one, my 8 year old sprays everywhere, drives me mad! I would have to add that toothbrushes work better with toothpaste added. And toothpaste works better when not squeezed straight from the tube into the sink in pretending that teeth have been cleaned. Can you tell what drives me mad in my house?!

  2. Omigosh!!!!! THIS IS SOOOOOO FUNNY!!!! I have 2 grandboys so can totally relate – I MUST post this on my FB – my daughter will die laughing too – thank you, thank you, thank you!! Bahahahaha! (still laughing – – – and still…) 😀

      • I’m new out here too, so I hear you about the shares etc. Just keep at it… there is a market for this. I know you will do well!

  3. That is absolutely awesome. What a perfect idea for a post. I so wish I came up with that.

    Could relate to every single one, including poopoo head (Four Year Old called his brother “rusty poo nose” yesterday and was very satisfied with own creative spirit). Santa traps are hardcore. Loved.

  4. I’d have to add…. Stop hiding dirty socks under the sofa/bed – or in fact, anywhere with an “under” and put them in the laundry basket! Mine is almost 15 now and it’s only just starting to sink in 🙂

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